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Liqui Moly MOS2 - Anti-friction Engine Treatment Additive

Part Number LM 2009
Liqui Moly MOS2 - Anti-friction Engine Treatment Additive
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Liqui Moly MoS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment- 300ml can

Volume: 300ml can

This product reduces friction and guarantees energy-conserving performance for the unit. This yields the following advantages: significant savings in fuel and oil consumption, scientifically proved reduction in wear, fewer breakdowns, emergency lubrication properties. Tested on catalytic converters and turbochargers.

MoS2–Anti-Friction is a colloidal, molybdenum sulphide (MoS2) based solid lubricant suspended in mineral oil stabilized by a special preparation process and formulated for use in vehicle engines (petrol and Diesel). Miscible and fully compatible with all commercially-available engine oils (mineral oils, partially and fully synthetic oils).


  • Forms a friction and wear reducing “Moly” film on all sliding surfaces of the engine.
  • The engine runs smoother, quieter, cooler, more reliably.
  • Provides an extra measure of protection under extreme operating conditions, e. g. extreme temperatures, engine overheating under high loads, loss of oil, etc.
  • Miscible with all motor oils.

BENEFITS: Up to 50% less engine wear. Reduces oil and fuel consumption. Longer engine life. Safeguards against break-downs and repairs. Smoother more pleasant engine operation.

APPLICATION: Added to the lubricating oils of engines, compressors, pumps and especially motor vehicle engines (Gas and Diesel). Mixes with all commercially available engine oils.

INSTRUCTIONS: Add 5 % (50 ml per liter of oil) MoS2–Anti-Friction to engine oil. Can be added to engine oil at any time. One can treats up to 1.5 gal (6 liter) of oil.

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